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How Intel Security reformed their compensation planning with Anaplan


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With over 7,000 employees and revenue generated in over 130 countries globally, Intel Security is the world’s largest security technology company. Like many growing global companies, Intel Security was experiencing limitations that affected the way it managed its incentive compensation.

For sales and incentive compensation planning, the teams at Intel Security relied on numerous, disconnected spreadsheets and siloed databases, making it difficult to gather the numbers and review the data in a timely manner. They were concerned about the accuracy of their data and their ability to maintain the growing number of spreadsheets as the company continues to expand.

“Before Anaplan, we used to spend most of our time—actually, on average, about 70% of time—collecting and transforming data. We have really flipped that by having everything in Anaplan. We no longer have to collect data and are spending our time modeling and analyzing.”

VP of FP&A, Intel Security

After meeting with Anaplan, the company’s finance team knew that the Smart Business Platform offered exactly what they were looking for and since implementing, Intel has gleaned four key benefits:

  1. Easy transition. The finance team liked that the language and formulas used in spreadsheets is similar to Anaplan, making the adoption of the new tool easy.
  2. Self-service. The Intel team chose Anaplan because it is a business-driven application. Finance can build their own models and are not dependent on help from IT.
  3. Collaboration. Because Anaplan is in the cloud, users around the world are able to work together on the same model—allowing for true collaboration.
  4. Increased productivity. Intel Security is now able to update their data at any time and see the results trickle instantly across all of their models.

Watch the video to hear the full Intel Security story.