Taking a Look into the Anaplan Community Redesign


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The Anaplan Community, the place where Anaplan users go to find answers, share solutions, and connect with other business planning leaders from around the world, just launched an all-new user experience. If you’re already an active member, don’t worry, we’re preserving what made the old design great—best practice guides, forums, and the Idea Exchange. But if you’ve never explored the Community before, there’s never been a better time to check it out. In addition to added functionalities and a refreshed look and feel, the new Anaplan Community will be easier to navigate so you can find answers to all of your Connected Planning questions even faster. Below, we’ll dive into some of the specific highlights of the new experience, so you can learn more about what has changed.

Highlights of the redesigned Anaplan Community experience

The reimagined Anaplan Community experience is full of exciting updates designed to deliver a better experience and make it easier for both Anaplanners and those interested in Connected Planning to learn, communicate, and grow in their knowledge. With over 45,000 members, the Community is constantly growing. Here are some of the top highlights of the new experience:

1. New and improved navigation

The new Community features an enhanced design layout to provide a better user experience. Top-level navigation is now clearer, so popular areas like Best Practices and the Idea Exchange are easier to find. Overall navigation is more intuitive, and you’ll find it easier to create your own content and connect with other Community members.

2. Simplified Idea Exchange experience

The Idea Exchange is one of the top places where Anaplanners share and rate each other’s ideas. These ideas are monitored and even have a chance of eventually being implemented to improve either the Anaplan platform or the Community. With the revamped Idea Exchange page, you can filter ideas by label (such as modeling, training, or data integration) or statuses like “new idea,” “needs support,” or “under investigation.” You can also see if others have already suggested your idea.

3. Mobile-friendly design

You asked and we heard you! The new Community design is mobile friendly, which means you can now access the site on any device and from anywhere. Equipped with new tools and partners that share insights on Anaplan solutions.

4. “Ask the Community” widget

To make it simple for Community members to learn more about Connected Planning and get answers to their questions, we created a new “Ask the Community” feature that allows you to ask any question you may have, initiate a forum discussion, suggest ideas, or get training assistance.

We’re Just Getting Started!

There’s a lot happening, but it’s just the beginning. Stay tuned for more new features and updates, including the Community Boss leaderboard and gamification!
We’re also launching our first edition of Community Connect, a newsletter designed to help you stay on top of the latest Community content and Connected Planning discussions, delivered straight to your inbox.

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