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Lionpoint Group joins Anaplan’s global partner program

Nick Moore and Lionpoint Group

Founding Partner

Anaplan and Lionpoint Group, a global advisory firm specializing in alternative investments, recently joined together in a multi-territory partnership. Working with Anaplan, Lionpoint officially launched its Corporate Performance Management (CPM) practice, focusing on private capital markets, including private equity and debt, real estate, and infrastructure.

The CPM practice will leverage the Anaplan platform to enable smart businesses to meet the challenges of modeling complex alternative investment portfolios while delivering high concurrency, full auditability, real-time scenario modeling, and a single source of the truth.

Lionpoint’s business model combines the talents of industry leaders with experts in service delivery to assist clients in transforming front and back office operations through operating model restructure, process improvements, and the implementation of enabling technologies. Peter McAnena, EMEA Anaplanner of the Year 2016, will lead the team, which has several years of experience in using Anaplan to model complex investment structures. 

“We are looking forward to a very successful partnership around the world with Lionpoint Group,” said Henri Wajsblat, Global Financial Services Product Marketing Director of Anaplan. “The group’s deep expertise in private capital markets combined with a sound knowledge of the value of the Anaplan platform will allow us both to quickly accelerate our growth in the investment management area.”

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