Making Chaotic Processes Easier

Jill King

President and CEO

How many of you stayed up late, sat in line and got major deals on Black Friday?

Blog post by Jill King – Anaplan Solutions Architect

How many of you stayed up late, sat in line and got major deals on Black Friday?  The thrill of getting an incredible deal on the latest electronics can be exciting but is there really a need to immerse yourself in all of that chaos when there is a day called Cyber Monday? The same thrill of getting an amazing deal in the privacy of your computer, without standing out in the cold, without people trampling over you, without waiting in line to pay for your items. How great is technology?!  It takes a chaotic process of shopping and makes it simple.

Technology Makes Life Easier

This theme is the same for Anaplan…you give us a complex process, we make it simpler, and we make it better.  Our technology is changing the lives of business analysts.  We took the old process (mostly Excel spreadsheets) and found a way to make it more efficient, easier to maintain and still be fully customizable.

Anaplan Solution
You can keep maintaining the status quo with your old methods (waiting outside in 30 degree weather to get into a store where you will be squashed for the sale on the latest technology) or you can find ways to be more efficient, work smarter and be part of the future.  It’s up to you to utilize the wonderful world of advanced technology or spend time waiting to get trampled!

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