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Rapid-Fire Q&A: Dennis Dresser, Our New Managing Director of the Americas

Amelia Generalis

Head of Talent

We are thrilled to present our newest DISRUPTOR to the Anaplan team – Dennis Dresser!

I have gotten to know Dennis well in the months before he joined Anaplan – a perk of my job! – and am thrilled that it’s official now. We want everyone to get to know him as well, so Dennis and I sat down for a quick Q&A session. He talked about what joining Anaplan means to him, and why he thinks it is a game-changer for the market.

Take a look – you are going to like what you hear as much as we do! Take it away Dennis:

1.   In one word, how would you describe Anaplan?


2.   How is Anaplan a disruptor?

We are empowering business leaders to drive material top line and bottom line impact through their planning process on a single platform.

3.   What most excites you about Anaplan?

We are solving mission-critical business challenges at significant scale that our customers thought could not be easily solved.

4.   Why is the market ready for a shift?

Businesses need to become more integrated, collaborative, and agile in their planning processes given the dynamic market conditions.

5.   Why are you a disruptor?

I like to challenge people to think differently so they break out of their comfort zone and strive towards continuous improvement.

6.   Who is your favorite superhero?


7.   You have a teleporter that can travel to any time, anywhere – so, where to?

1500’s, England

8.   Is the book always better than the movie?

No, I prefer the movie.

9.   Sun or snow?

Sun… nothing better than a Mai Tai and a beach chair.

10.  What is playing on your iPod right now?

Rolling Stones