The Anaplan Unstoppable Planning Tour is coming!

By Anaplan

October 12, 2015

What does it mean to “be unstoppable” with Anaplan?Join us at the Anaplan Unstoppable Planning Tour to learn what that means for your business—and why planning never stops.Top five reasons to attend the Tour
  1. Find out how your colleagues are leveraging the Anaplan enterprise planning cloud—hear them discuss planning challenges, the implementation of Anaplan, and the results and benefits they see across their enterprise today
  2. Network with peers and fellow Anaplanners, spark new ideas, gain insight, and share planning best practices
  3. Experience innovative apps from the Anaplan App Hub live, get your questions answered by experts in real time, and influence the future of our product via your feedback
  4. Attend a deep-dive session on the topic that matters most to you—sales and marketing, finance, or supply chain
  5. Get a preview of Anaplan’s latest platform release and new apps
Featured speaker You will hear from Anaplan Co-founder and EVP Doug Smith about Performance Optimization, its significance, and how Anaplan can help transform your planning jnto a daily, real-time enterprise-wide activity on a single planning platform.What else can I expect? Then there’s the Anaplan App Hub; the three invaluable breakout sessions on Unstoppable Marketing & Sales Performance, Unstoppable Financial Performance, and Unstoppable Supply Chain Performance; the Cocktail Networking Reception; and more!This half-day event is complimentary, so invite your colleagues from across your business. To learn more about the tour, click on any one of the cities below.Boston: October 13 New York: October 22 Chicago: November 5 San Francisco: November 10We hope to see you there!Have questions about the tour? Email us at: [email protected]


Anaplan is driving a new age of connected planning. Large and fast-growing organizations use Anaplan’s cloud platform in every business function to make informed decisions and drive faster, more effective planning processes. Anaplan also provides support, training, and planning transformation advisory services.

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