Updating Renamed & New Accounts – Quick Time-Saving Tips

Jill King

President and CEO

Blog post by Jill King – Anaplan Pre-Sales

Account names seem to constantly change and new accounts are always added as your business grows. The problem internally with constant change in a static environment is that change is manual. Thus every time an account name changes in an excel environment, an error message notes that the account will not be updated in the Essbase retrieve.


To complete the update process the analyst would open every known model associated to update the account with the new name (but note: unknown models that include the old name would not be corrected). Similarly new accounts added, unless noted somehow would not get pulled into query, and analysts may never even discover a new account was added because it wasn’t automatically updated.

These accounts usually are discovered when something is not balancing properly, causing an analyst to spend hours digging in to find the source of the problem.

Anaplan Solution
Anaplan manages data (IE: account lists, department structures, product lists, etc.) in a central hub where an administrator analyst updates name changes and new accounts universally. After completing the required updates, changes feed dynamically into any model using the shared data.  No reconfiguring work required – analysts now use time saved on strategic work.

Estimated Monthly time savings = 2-4 hours

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