What If Scenario Modeling – Quick Time-Saving Tips

Blog post by Jill King – Anaplan Pre-Sales

What’s that?  Who has time for that?  We brought consultants in for those “special projects!”


Anaplan Solution
Creating multiple scenarios within a forecast can be created at the click of a button.

Creating multiple scenarios within a forecast can be created at the click of a button.

Estimated monthly time savings = Sorry…no time savings here…Excel users don’t have time for meaningful analysis

Summary: All employees want to help their company succeed, be strategic, add value. No Analyst wants to be buried in cells of MS Excel workbooks or monkey around in spreadsheets because they are not expanding their skill-set or helping the company be strategic.

Excel analysts on average are spending 26-34 hours a month on mundane, non-value added spreadsheet processes just to get the models prepared and the numbers uploaded into the system. This is almost a week every month that EACH analyst is spending on Excel maintenance activities.  And the tips I have written over the last few weeks are only a sample of what analysts do in Excel.

Anaplan alleviates these issues. It’s refreshing to expand my skillset and think in new ways to work with businesses to make them more efficient and ultimately drive ROI.

Quick Time-Saving Tips is updated every Monday on the Anaplan Blog. Interested in having Jill @jilleking review a tedious task or want to submit your own Time-Saving Tip? Tweet us at @anaplan and let us know!

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