What’s new in Anaplan – March/April 2012

By Simon Tucker

April 15, 2012

Another busy couple of months have gone by here at Anaplan and it's time for another round up of the great features we've received from the Anaplan development team during March and April. These include breakback; nested dimensions; user search, and new and updated calculation functions. Enjoy! Key changes to the Platform include:
  • Breakback: a facility similar to ‘goal-seek’ in spreadsheets where you type into a total and all the items that make up that total are changed so as to meet that target result. It is used as a method of top-down allocations.
  • Nested Dimensions: Nesting lets you merge up to 3 dimensions into the row or column labels.
  • Search for Users: A Search function has been added under Settings > Users allowing administrators to find users within their workspace quickly and easily.
  • New Calculation Functions: We have added built-in financial calculation functions. IRR, NPV, PMT, FV, PV, NPER, RATE, PREVIOUSVERSION & NEXTVERSION.
  • Updated Calculation Functions: Updates to RANK and TEXTLIST have been added.
We’d love to hear your feedback about these features – let us know on the Anaplan Community where you’ll also find the full release notes for March and April. We hope you find the new features helpful and we look forward to bringing you more exciting updates in next month’s release.

Simon Tucker

Simon Tucker, Chief Planning Officer: Simon brings over 15 years of experience in Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence to Anaplan. Prior to Anaplan, Simon was head of product marketing for Adaytum until the acquisition by Cognos in 2003. Simon went on to product and corporate marketing roles at Hyperion Solutions. Read full bio

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