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Women in Tech series: Part two


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At Anaplan, we believe diversity builds a better workforce by encouraging collaboration and, in turn, stronger working relationships. Our teams, from Finance to Engineering, to Marketing, to HR and Sales, vary widely in age and background. This blog is the second in a series that highlights the theme “Women in Tech”—specifically, women in tech at Anaplan and their contributions to the company’s success.

Larissa Sliwinski is an Applications Program Director at Anaplan and joined the company about a year ago. Before starting her journey at Anaplan, she ran operations for a development team in a large global software company and has worked in technology (specifically in software development) for 15 years.

Larissa studied communications, modern languages and literature at St. Mary’s College in Maryland and at the American University in Paris—wise choices, as she is currently based in Paris and works closely with teams across Europe, as well as in San Francisco and Minneapolis.

Larissa learned about Anaplan when her former manager asked her to join the company. “I was drawn to Anaplan because of the company’s ability to quickly react to change and to co-innovate closely with customers and partners,” she said. After closely looking at Anaplan’s vision, growth goals, cloud model, and culture, Larissa was convinced that Anaplan was the right challenge for her. Now, as Program Director for Applications, she is responsible for planning the design and development of the applications across multiple lines of business—bringing insight and value to customers.

Since she started her career at Anaplan, Larissa has enjoyed the global collaboration that the company offers, the variety of perspectives and market expertise that exists in the teams, and the tangible energy and passion that Anaplan brings to its customers to help them succeed.

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