Planning, budgeting, and forecasting

What you will get with the PB&F buyer’s kit:
  • Learn the keys to building an integrated business planning capability in 2019
  • See how United Airlines’ finance team saves months worth of time using multi-dimensional planning
  • Discover the key capabilities that put speed, structure, and consistency into PB&F
  • See which FP&A vendors were named a Leader by Gartner
  • Download a pre-built PB&F RFP template to hit-the-ground running as you select a vendor

Without the right tools, implementing planning, budgeting, and forecasting (PB&F) best practices can seem nearly impossible—or it quickly turns into a substantial undertaking. Today’s best-of-breed financial planning platforms can help you support the enterprise with more timely, reliable business insights. Through stronger business partnering, finance leaders become catalysts for transformation across the organization.

Download the Planning, budgeting, and forecasting buyer’s kit to help guide you in the selection of the right software to implement PB&F best practices.

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Transforming planning in the world's largest companies

1000+ organizations use Anaplan to see around corners and accelerate decision making.

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Data consolidation cut from days to seconds

"What-if" analyses in minutes not weeks

Operational scorecards weekly, not monthly

“We don’t like constraints—if we see a better way to do something, we want to be able to change it. That’s one of the reasons why the flexibility of the Anaplan platform stuck out for us.”

—FP&A Manager,

Anaplan Connects Your People, Plans, and Data

In every area of your business.



Supply Chain




The Connected Planning difference


Plan in a dynamic, continuous way by measuring, monitoring, drilling deep into root causes, performing “what-if” analysis and re-forecasting in real-time.


From the head office to the shop floor, finance can collaborate with all departments across the enterprise to align objectives with operational tactics and financial plans.


Drive intelligent decisions with predictive analytics that leverage historical data and external information in real-time to optimize your forecast.