Danfoss aligns sales, inventory, and operations planning (SIOP) for the supply chain to meet customers’ needs in volatile business conditions

Danfoss harmonized tactical supply chain planning to consistently benefit from best practices across their growing enterprise. This helped them weather the storm over the last two years, by controlling cost on inventory, limiting impact on operations, and keeping up availability for customers.
Fast forward to 2021: Shortages caused by the pandemic put a real strain on the ability to meet customer’s needs. Previous lead times were extended by months and the team needed to find a way to protect customers in this new extreme situation. Hear how Danfoss put people, processes, and tools in place to navigate allocations in record time, maintaining their commitment to customers as a stable and reliable partner.


Kristoffer Ingemann Halle, SIOP Architect, Danfoss

Magnus Hoffritz, SIOP Consultant, Danfoss