Anaplan keynote – Own the unexpected

Agile companies are immune to market volatility. In his keynote, Shankar delivers the assurance that you can “own the unexpected.” Together we have endured the pandemic with its far-reaching consequences, both internal and external to our organisations. On our doorstep, we have the conflict in Ukraine; mortgage rates have doubled in the UK in a few weeks; and the average tank of fuel now costs £100. We face recession, the turmoil that surrounds inflation, and the cost-of-living crisis. Disruption is a constant. Shankar discusses how you will either face paralysis or navigate a way through – to not only survive, but to identify a path forward for growth.
In this keynote, Shankar introduces visionary leaders from global organisations who will share how they have enabled their businesses to continue to grow and move forward in an uncertain and complex environment. Discover how these organisations have transformed how they make decisions, collaborate, and plan.


Shankar Balakrishnan, Area Vice President UKI, Anaplan