Amer Sports transforms sales and compensation planning using the Anaplan platform

Sporting goods




€2.6 billion



Use Case


Amer Sports struggled with setting consistent targets across its many locations, a process further complicated by the global and seasonal nature of its business. The Excel spreadsheets they used before adopting Anaplan were too slow, inefficient, and inflexible to accomplish such complex tasks.


Working alongside the Anaplan services team, Amer Sports built and launched its initial Anaplan model in under 40 business days. By deploying Anaplan, Amer Sports set, consolidated, and compared targets from different perspectives and also transitioned its EMEA sales reps into more specialized roles, including area sales managers, smart service sales reps, visual merchandisers and tech reps.


Using Anaplan, Amer Sports reduced the time it spent on target-setting by an estimated 70 percent, also developing the in-house expertise to build and test models on its own. Anaplan further enabled the company to create specialized roles and a more strategic organizational structure for its sales organization. In addition, the increased transparency facilitated by Anaplan enabled Amer Sports to enhance learning, motivation, and discipline across its sales organization.

Why Anaplan

Amer Sports selected Anaplan because of its flexibility in handling complex information and variables and facilitating consistency among dispersed teams and locations. By enabling the strategic use of data, Anaplan also helped Amer Sports optimize its sales organization in ways that other vendors could not. The fact that Anaplan was quick, easy, and affordable to implement and provided consultants for strategic support further reinforced Amer Sports’ decision to use Anaplan.

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