Genoa’s FP&A team provides its executives instant insight into risk exposure

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Genoa Healthcare, a specialist pharmacy chain with 400+ locations, consolidated financial assumptions and connected budgets for all sites on one platform. Necessary security for healthcare is maintained.

One of the best things that Anaplan did for us is when they said, ‘Hey, how about you give us your data and we’ll show you what we can do with it in a day?

Stephanie Weiland, Senior Manager of FP&A


As the sixth largest retail pharmacy chain in the United States, the finance team at Genoa Healthcare operates in a high-growth environment. However, adding increasingly more pharmacies and locations also added more spreadsheets to its financial planning and required more manual, time-consuming processes. Its finance team needed to understand what the numbers meant to the business—instead of just pulling the numbers together.


When Stephanie Weiland, Senior Manager of FP&A, joined the Genoa team, she focused on creating a sustainable planning, budgeting and forecasting processes that could scale with its continued business growth. This focus on better processes and tools led her to the cloud-based Anaplan platform, which quickly replaced hundreds of spreadsheets and eliminated days of time-consuming activities.


After implementing the Anaplan platform, Genoa gave their cost centers direct access to the tool and saw quick adoption. Empowered by the platform, Genoa improved the time it took to provide executives with risk exposure and sensitivity analysis, reducing data analysis from a week’s time down to minutes. Without Anaplan, there simply wasn’t enough time to do a thorough review and perform a deep-dive analysis to fully understand the numbers.