A top 15 global pharmaceutical company streamlines its finance processes with Anaplan

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In our biggest unit, we have cut a month out of our planning cycle.

Senior Director of Finance, Budget, and Control for Medical and Development


Clinical trial projects can last the better part of a decade-and financial planning in the pharmaceutical industry needs to account for both trial lifetimes and annual fiscal budgets. For the finance team of a Top 15 global pharmaceutical company, they not only needed a better way to access and consolidate their data globally, but also provide senior leadership with visibility into valuable, real-time insights and investment opportunities.


As a global company, the Senior Director of Finance, Budget, and Control for Medical and Development sought out a tool that could help them consolidate financial and resource data more efficiently and provide a comprehensive view of planning to company executives. The search led them to Anaplan-a flexible platform that allowed them to roll out global planning models.


After implementing the Anaplan platform, the company reduced the financial planning cycle in its largest unit by a full month. The platform provided visibility to all levels of the organization improving transparency and collaboration. By replacing its manual reporting and consolidation processes with the Anaplan platform, its analysts now have more time to focus on clinical and resource analysis, interventions, and investment decisions to get products in the market more quickly.

Why Anaplan

In the global pharmaceutical market, competition is aggressive. As competitive advantages become progressively sparse, global operations need to be agile and manage change effectively and quickly. For the finance team at this pharmaceutical company, the Anaplan platform has provided them with the flexibility, real-time insight, and analytical capabilities to achieve continued success amidst increasing competition.