LinkedIn transforms go-to-market planning for flexibility, agility, empowerment

Data-powered sales headcount and territory planning feed forecast and performance tracking in an end-to-end GTM enterprise solution

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Anaplan has greatly reduced the frustration and anxiety that used to come with a lot of our planning processes.
— Rachel Krall, Senior Director, Go-To-Market Operations, LinkedIn


more frequent sales planning improves business agility 


Anaplan models saves time and drives consistency, alignment, and trust


territory delivery (formerly four people x one day) puts sellers to work sooner

Go-to-market operations in LinkedIn’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) business have been transformed with Anaplan. Headcount plans drive sales territory creation, and data from multiple sources enhances territory precision. Territories are delivered much more quickly, and this newfound agility supports more-frequent sales planning. Territory plans are used for sales forecasting and performance tracking in Anaplan, and Anaplan models are repurposed and adapted for other business units by an empowered GTM ops team.

Video Transcript

Rachel Krall, Senior Director of Go-To-Market Operations, LinkedIn: We are a professional network who is helping support economic opportunity for the global workforce.

We chose an Anaplan as a way to help simplify and support our teams in getting the job done.

We now use Anaplan for our territory planning process, and so the tool is actually allowing us to build our books and distribute them to sales managers for review and sign off. And then it allows sales reps to have confidence and know that they have the right accounts in hand and can immediately start selling.

I remember late nights with teams frustrated over the fact that we had version control issues or collaboration issues with online spreadsheets. And so Anaplan has greatly reduced the frustration and anxiety that used to come with a lot of our planning processes.

I'm Rachel Krall, and I'm a senior director in go-to-market operations at LinkedIn. And we plan with Anaplan.

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