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Connected planning across supply chain and finance cuts forecasting time by 75%

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800 plants


Supply chain, finance

Use Case

Challenge: Huge volumes, old processes

Tarmac, the UK’s leading sustainable building materials group, moves millions of tons of construction materials around by road, sea, and rail to thousands of customer sites every year, so it needs an accurate S&OP and financial plan to ensure efficiency and profitability. An old process that used spreadsheets and databases was disjointed and hampered without multi-user access.

Solution: Anaplan for Finance, Anaplan for Supply Chain

Tarmac streamlined its S&OP and financial planning processes using Anaplan for Finance and Anaplan for Supply Chain. Implemented with the help of Anaplan Partner Mentat Technology, the new solution delivers dynamic stock management, greater visibility into material flows and inventory, and more accurate sourcing decisions. Thanks to connections across S&OP and finance, the impacts of planning decisions are visible throughout the process.

Results: Plans connected, planning times slashed

With the Anaplan platform, Tarmac has shortened its monthly financial planning process by two weeks and eliminated hundreds of spreadsheets. The benefits have spilled over to sales forecasting, formerly a 16-day process that now takes only four days.

Why Anaplan

Tarmac chose the Anaplan platform because the company needed a unified source of information that could span the business. The Tarmac team appreciates the fact that calculations and formulas in Anaplan are transparent, owned by the business, and easy to model. The Anaplan platform enables Tarmac’s finance and supply chain employees to access the right data for their individual tasks while working with shared drivers, data, and goals.

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