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Fast-growing digital solutions consultant unleashes accelerated planning, budgeting, and forecasting — and shares its success with clients

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The key benefits of Anaplan are less manual work, more flexibility, more collaboration, more fun.
Marc Philipp, Managing Director, valantic


collaboration between planning teams accelerates trend-spotting


project planning helps new projects launch faster

Siloed financial data and time-consuming processes stood in the way of company growth at booming digital transformation specialist valantic. With Anaplan, the company increased project-planning speed and accuracy, improved collaboration, and accelerated new projects. And in the process, valantic found a new business opportunity.

Every day, approximately 4,000 valantic consultants and developers help companies in many different industries break through established patterns of thought. valantic provides technology consultation and services in customer experience (CX), digital transformation and data analytics, financial services automation, smart industry/IIoT, and other disciplines.

With ambitious plans for growth throughout Europe, valantic needed to scale its operations rapidly — but its planning, budgeting, and forecasting workflows limited the pace of expansion.

“Our teams relied heavily on complex spreadsheets to create forecasts, plans, and budgets,” explains Marc Philipp, Managing Director at valantic. “Simply collecting and organizing our data could take weeks, which ultimately reduced the time available for trend analysis and planning. We knew that if we could accelerate planning without impacting accuracy, we could start on new projects much faster.”

Leading by example

After exploring a variety of solutions, valantic selected Anaplan to address its needs. The company focused first on financial planning, then expanded into project management, budgeting, and resource allocation.

The results exceeded expectations. “Our teams can collaborate, share ideas, and analyze data so much easier using Anaplan,” says Philipp. “All the information they need is available at the touch of a button. Anaplan makes spotting trends in the data so much easier, which is essential for success in our work.”

In the process of implementing Anaplan internally, valantic recognized a new business opportunity. “We believe in leading by example, and we only recommend solutions to our customers that we trust wholeheartedly,” Philipp says. So valantic became an Anaplan partner working with companies ranging from retail to financial services. “Having used Anaplan very successfully ourselves, and seeing firsthand how powerful and flexible the solution is, we now confidently recommend Anaplan to almost all of the businesses we work with.”

The message valantic shares with its clients is simple, Philipp says: “The key benefits of Anaplan are less manual work, more flexibility, more collaboration, more fun.”

Reaping the rewards of Connected Planning

For example, valantic helped leading sportswear company On transform finance and supply chain planning using Anaplan. “We were so pleased to work with On,” says Philipp. “They’re truly at the top of their game, and we’re proud to have helped them redesign their planning processes. The Anaplan solution has enabled them to scale from a startup into an international brand.”

valantic has since empowered many other companies to boost growth and enhance resiliency with Anaplan. “New and existing customers across many sectors approach us with planning challenges,” Philipp concludes. “We look forward to helping them embrace digitalization and reap the rewards of robust, flexible planning with Anaplan.”

Mark Phillip, Managing Director, valantic: valantic is a market-leading consultancy which is doing end-to-end digital transformation.

All key things need planning in organizational processes from strategy over sales plans down to operational topics.

Our main challenge was really getting all numbers in one place and being agile and flexible with adjustments to plans.

The key benefits of Anaplan are less manual work, more flexibility, more collaboration, more fun.

My name is Mark Phillip. I'm Managing Director at valantic. We plan with Anaplan.

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