January 23, 2022

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ADVANZ PHARMA selects Anaplan to bolster supply chain amid Covid uncertainty

Specialty pharmaceutical company ADVANZ PHARMA is a trusted partner to many retailers, healthcare systems, and providers in Europe – supplying over 90 countries with more than 200 types of medicines across multiple therapy areas. With a goal of improving patient access and health outcomes, the company is poised for continued growth in the coming years.

In order to deliver on this goal and broaden access to complex medicines, maintaining agile and efficient operations is critical – especially at a time when pandemic-driven volatility continues to disrupt global supply chains. As a result, ADVANZ PHARMA set out to optimize their supply chain operations in 2021, selecting Anaplan’s data-driven platform to help bring greater resilience to the company’s network.

“In today’s competitive business environment, technology can be the decisive factor between success and failure,” said David McNamara, the Vice President of Global Supply Chain at ADVANZ PHARMA. McNamara pointed specifically to Anaplan’s ability to interconnect demand signals with supply chain outcomes in real-time, and to model various “what if” scenarios as deciding factors in selecting Anaplan.

ADVANZ PHARMA is working with implementation partner Bedford Consulting and will leverage Anaplan’s flexible platform and embedded predictive capabilities to help monitor and manage working capital, as well as other key business drivers.

“Having greater visibility into the supply chain network will help fuel the next phase of our growth,” said McNamara.

We’re thrilled to support ADVANZ PHARMA as they continue to deliver value to both patients and healthcare providers and are excited to welcome the company to the Anaplan family.

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