Anaplan launches global event series to help businesses around the world tackle complexity

In an environment where disruption is seemingly the only guarantee, businesses around the world are working overtime to address the unique challenges impacting their ability to execute.

Whether it’s managing the fallout of a regional banking crisis, working with sourcing partners to offset the rising costs of materials, or identifying opportunities for greater efficiency in the face of a potential recession – a business’s ability to survive is now directly tied to its ability to move at the speed of change. 

The problem is many organizations are still relying on historical data, trapped in disparate tools and spreadsheets, to guide their decision-making. That’s like looking in the rear-view mirror while attempting to drive down the street – in manual.

With disconnected tools sitting in different departments, and spreadsheets saved across hundreds of individual laptops, version control is a severe challenge. Data is prone to error – often outdated before it’s even consolidated into a plan, budget, or forecast. And reflecting a change in real-time, from a shift in currency or interest rate hike to a sudden and unplanned factory closure, is nearly impossible. 

That’s where Anaplan comes into play.

Our platform is purpose-built for global business users who need the ability to view their current operations, model and plan against various scenarios, see the impact of change in real-time, and pivot with confidence to make the right daily planning decisions.  

But we don’t want you to just take our word for it. That’s why we’re launching Anaplan Connect – a year-round, global series of events hosted in person across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, where business leaders across industries can meet, share best practices and key learnings, and gain critical insights from local Anaplan customers, partners, and executives. From New York and San Diego to London and Singapore, each Anaplan Connect event will have a unique agenda that reflects the priorities, trends, and challenges impacting local businesses today.

Current Anaplan customers like Johnson & Johnson, LinkedIn, JPMorgan Chase & Co., and Ralph Lauren, among others, will discuss how they are leveraging Anaplan to operate effectively in today’s environment. Partners like Deloitte, Accenture, and Slalom will share their deep industry and sector expertise. And Anaplan leaders like CEO Charlie Gottdiener, interim CPO Adam Thier, and CRO Bill Schuh will share more on Anaplan’s platform roadmap and business vision.   

In an increasingly complex market, making the right planning decisions requires a level of visibility, insight, and flexibility that many organizations are still struggling to achieve. Our goal is to help global businesses feel prepared to manage the effects of change on their operations, so they can move forward with confidence as the world continues to shift.

To learn more about the Anaplan Connect event series or to register for an event near you, please visit

Special thanks to our Anaplan Connect partner sponsors, including Deloitte, Accenture, Spaulding Ridge, Slalom, KPMG, Twelve Consulting, Bedford Consulting, VISEO, Lionpoint, Vuealta, Allitix, Anavate Partners, Keyrus, Accelytics Consulting, Bluecrux, Columbus Consulting, Voiant, BearingPoint, Accordion, Atkan and Fidenda.