May 30, 2023

Anaplan supports Konica Minolta with its group-wide managerial accounting process

Graphic: Anaplan Logo on Navy Background

Anaplan has been adopted by Konica Minolta, a leading multinational technology company headquartered in Japan, to manage its group wide managerial accounting process.

The company sells to 2 million customers worldwide, serving approximately 150 countries and regions through its approximately 170 consolidated subsidiaries.  With significant growth and expansion and extensive M&A activity among its subsidiaries, the management of the business had become increasingly complex. 

One of the many reasons Konica Minolta chose to adopt the Anaplan platform was the ability to use the cloud-based system to simultaneously input data from its subsidiaries, each of which conduct a wide variety of business in various countries and regions, and to compile and analyze management accounting data in real time. Previously, the lack of a unified ERP system for each subsidiary meant the collection and compilation of management accounting data for the entire group was copied manually to Excel leading to significant time, resources, and a high risk for error.

Since establishing a new process to input, collect, and tabulate management accounting data in real time, Konica Minolta managed to reduce the resource hours required to create analysis reports by 30-40%, a task that previously took several thousand hours per year. In addition, the company was able to erase the management of large Excel files, which for one division meant eliminating nearly 2,000 files of monthly reporting materials, significantly reducing the workload at each site, and allowing data to be centralized. In addition, business processes, such as data entry and consolidation, which had been assigned to specific individuals, have been organized and standardized, enabling stable operations in the case of human resource changes.

The system's high usability and the fact that it can be operated in-house without relying on an outside vendor after implementation were also contributing factors to its adoption.

Furthermore, since Anaplan can be easily integrated with various BI (Business Intelligence) tools, the initial issues of low aggregation efficiency and accuracy were greatly improved with the ability to widely publish data on a portal with controlled access rights.

Anaplan Japan will continue to support Konica Minolta as it expands and grows its global operations, ensuring advanced and efficient planning of its group managerial accounting processes, and beyond.

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