Mizuho Financial Group adopts Anaplan for budgeting and management accounting expense system

Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. is one of the largest financial organizations in the world, offering financial and strategic services through its group of companies. The Group has selected Anaplan for its budgeting and management accounting system. This project aims to standardize internal operations and systems related to expenses and investments and achieve various operational reforms.

This is an expansion of the relationship as Mizuho Financial Group has already adopted Anaplan as a headcount and workforce planning platform and is aiming to further utilize it for human capital disclosure and human capital management in the future.

As part of the reform of its management base, Mizuho Financial Group aims to create an environment in which it can focus on highly productive operations, unify business processes across company boundaries, and quickly obtain information necessary for management decision-making and planning.


The Anaplan system will be used by approximately 700 employees in Mizuho Financial Group, Mizuho Bank, Mizuho Trust & Banking who are involved in expense and investment budgeting operations.

By adopting Anaplan, Mizuho Financial Group sees the following potential benefits:

  • Upgrading of expense and investment budget management processes: By digitally upgrading their budgeting and reporting processes the quality of these operations can be improved, traffic can be eliminated, and streamlined.
  • Systematization of management accounting operations and consolidation of information: Centralized management of expenses and investment improves efficiency and timeliness of management accounting results.
  • Reducing business processes using advanced technology: Using advanced technology to automate tasks that do not require decision-making, reducing business processes and improving employee productivity.
  • Improving data quality through system management: Data quality is ensured by systemizing data entry, transfer, and data construction.

The company was decisive of the adoption of Anaplan due to its:

  • User-friendliness: sophisticated user interface that is easy to use can be implemented.
  • Flexibility and speed of use: the platform allows the customer to incorporate its own business requirements and implement the necessary functions in a short period of time.
  • Future-proof: allows users to focus their investment in a single platform and expand its functionality as needed.

Furthermore, the platform is already in operation at Mizuho Bank as an expense budgeting system for some parts of the In-house Company, in particular the Global Corporate & Investment Banking Company and each overseas branch and local subsidiary. The fact that there is room for future use of Anaplan as a group-wide and global budget management platform was also a deciding factor in the decision to implement the system.

Anaplan Japan will continue to support the construction of each of Mizuho Financial Group's platforms and contribute to the company's growth as a partner in establishing a management resource management platform for the entire global group.

To learn more about the ways Anaplan helps businesses make the right daily planning decisions, visit https://www.anaplan.com/customers.