October 19, 2023

Titan Wealth Partners with Anaplan to Make Financial Planning Solid as a Rock

Titan Wealth, a UK wealth and asset management business, has partnered with Anaplan and Mentat Technology to transform its financial budgeting and forecasting processes. Since launching in 2021, Titan Wealth has supported its customers through a range of investment and wealth services, including discretionary fund managers, independent financial advisers, and their custody and settlement business GPP.

Following recent major investment from Parthenon Capital, Titan Wealth is preparing for rapid growth and new acquisitions, which will see additional portfolio businesses introduced into the Group. They left no stone unturned looking for a finance planning tool that would support their rapid and agile growth and provide visibility across the whole Group, and Anaplan ticked all the right boxes. While their initial use of Anaplan is for budgeting & forecasting, Titan has the ambition to introduce connected planning and forecasting in the M&A team, too.

Dayne Turbitt, Managing Director for EMEA at Anaplan, said, “Data-informed planning and forecasting is still the Achilles heel of too many organizations. Creating one source of truth and analyzing all data available enables better decision-making, and we’re delighted to see more companies across the financial sector unlocking these benefits to streamline operations and transform processes. We’re thrilled to see Titan Wealth plan with Anaplan in support of the next phase of their expansion and look forward to an exciting future working together.”

Ken Coveney, Chief Financial Officer at Titan Wealth, said, “Mentat Technology and Anaplan were able to clearly demonstrate that they could model our financial budgeting and forecasting requirements, including the parts of our business with higher levels of complexity. It was clear to us that Anaplan was unparalleled in its capabilities. We’re pleased to partner with them to support our finance transformation”.

The implementation of Titan’s new Anaplan budgeting and forecasting solution is now underway, with Mentat Technology supporting Titan with Anaplan training and building. “We’re delighted to partner with Titan and to support them with their implementation of Anaplan,” said Daniel Ellis, Director at Mentat Technology. “We look forward to supporting Titan through their next phase of growth and technology transformation”.

To learn more about the ways Anaplan helps businesses make the right daily planning decisions, visit https://www.anaplan.com/customers