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Reporting and Analysis

Tired of spending time filling in the financial reporting software gap between ERPs, budgets, and point systems with manual spreadsheets? With Anaplan, you can deliver secure, on-demand access to reports, dashboards, and “what-if”
analyses across plans, budgets, forecasts, and actuals both on- and offline. Spend less time creating and more time empowering with connected plans and reports—in one complete system.

Anaplan for Reporting and Analysis

Key Benefits

  • Speed up decision-making with integrated plan, report, and chart views—all in one place
  • Save time creating custom views with a secure role-based dashboard
  • Save hours each week with access to real-time data
  • Increase confidence in numbers with driver-based, connected data from plan to report
  • Improve precision of decision-making through end-user enabled report pivot and business-user controlled “what-if” analysis
  • More timely report and analysis design with no dependence or burden on IT
  • Simple, accurate, and dynamic plan and financial presentation creation with seamless Microsoft Office® add-ins

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