Constellation Report on the Benefits of Modern Planning Platforms

Thriving—not just surviving—through change

Modern platforms combine scenario planning and predictive features to keep performance on track

Which companies were the most successful in surviving and succeeding during 2020?

Those who increased their planning and analysis activities from quarterly or monthly to weekly or even daily to respond to changes in sales, supply chains, human resources, working capital requirements, and financial results.

According to Doug Henschen of Constellation Research, “Successful performance-accountable business leaders look forward, not back. Yes, they want to help set the goals for the company—or their line of business or department—but they know that the agenda may change. They get out ahead of shortfalls and challenges by quickly adapting and shifting plans to keep performance on track.”

Read the complimentary Constellation report on the benefits of modern planning platforms, like Anaplan:

  • Tracking progress toward goals.
  • Better integration of financial and operational plans.
  • Anticipating a range of scenarios and predicting future results.
  • Enabling today’s transformative business leaders to turn change into advantage.
Read the Constellation report