Forrester Research: The Retail Planning Platforms Landscape, Q3 2023

According to Forrester, you can use retail planning platforms to improve customer service, boost inventory turnover, and protect margins

Today’s retailers face a myriad of challenges. Demand signals are no longer good enough and companies have a short window to turn those "signals" into money or face writing inventory off as shrink. Stale inventory takes up shelf space that could be used for profitable merchandise. And the need to free up space causes retailers to mark down stock at a loss simply to move through it, eroding margins. Too little stock is just as bad, as too many stock outs also shrink profits and damage customer satisfaction.

To maintain a competitive edge, retailers need to combine the power of information, people and plans to make faster and better decisions while continuing to deliver value to customers. According to Forrester’s Landscape, “retail planning platforms help retailers manage demand and inventory planning at scale across a wide range of merchandise, locations, and channels. Digital business leaders implement them to: improve customer service, boost inventory turnover and maintain margins…”

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