Executive Summary

Forrester TEI Executive Summary 2019

Business benefits enabled by Anaplan’s platform at-a-glance

Digital transformation is accelerating the pace of business and revolutionizing the way companies plan and make decisions. To maintain a competitive edge, top organizations are leveraging the Anaplan Connected Planning platform to drive future growth. But how do you actually quantify its financial benefits?

Anaplan commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study to uncover why leading organizations turn to Anaplan to improve decision-making. To calculate the TEI, Forrester interviewed Anaplan customers across finance, sales, supply chain, HR, and IT and examined the platform’s benefits, costs, flexibility, and risks over a three-year period.

Download the TEI executive summary for a condensed version of Forrester’s findings, including:

  • How Anaplan customers are realizing a 3X return by improving FP&A processes; optimizing workforce management; reducing SG&A and IT expenses; and streamlining demand planning and sales performance management
  • Forrester’s methodology to determine the benefits and cost savings enabled by Anaplan
  • Additional benefits highlighted by Anaplan customers such as increased accuracy, data consistency, and long-term planning capabilities

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