How CFOs can prepare for recession in seven steps

Why planning is the secret to opportunity creation in uncertain times

What do inflation, interest rates, inventory, infection, and invasion all have in common? They’re the “five I’s” that fuel uncertainty, according to Doug Henschen, VP and principal analyst at Constellation Research. This uncertainty is likely causing uneasiness as you work through your annual planning.

“Companies that fail to plan effectively aren’t prepared for bad outcomes,” Henschen notes. In this Constellation Research report, you’ll uncover seven steps that CFOs can take to prepare for a recession and boost confidence in strategies.

Learn how you can:

  • Evolve your planning to an ongoing activity that provides you with financial flexibility
  • Free up your top talent to focus on proactive scenario planning and analysis with cross-functional stakeholders
  • Improve your decision-making agility to seize market opportunities

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