Account Segmentation and Scoring

With Anaplan for Account Segmentation and Scoring, sales leaders can uncover new market opportunities and identify potential revenue growth. Plan and model account segments at the market, account, or product level. Score and rank accounts within segments to focus your sales team on your best, most profitable opportunities. Analyze your customer’s purchasing behaviors to define your sales territories with more precision and appropriately align your sales resources. Set quota targets that can be easily explained and justified to your sales people, and are based on accurate and fair apportionment of opportunities.

Key Benefits

  • Analyze account segments to better define sales strategy, provide alignment with corporate objectives, and optimize sales performance in real time
  • Segment and score accounts to provide visibility and insight to where you should focus your sales resources
  • Improve account assignment ratio to sales representatives capacity to ensure that there is sufficient account service
  • Better define sales territory coverage and quota assignments based on intelligent market opportunity and revenue potential
  • Use any account attributes such as revenue, size, geographic location, wallet share, number of employees, or industry vertical to define account segments and scoring criteria
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