Anaplan APIs for data integrations

Easily access and process granular data for seamless and effective execution

Anaplan’s open platform approach for connectivity enables teams to easily and quickly share the most important information, so they can uncover deeper insights that inform impactful business plans.

The Anaplan application programming interface (API) offerings include bulk and transactional APIs, designed to provide greater visibility into actions and services that support Anaplan Connect and custom integrations, and that extract, load, and transform (ETL) connectors. Bulk APIs can import, export, process, and delete actions, as well as upload and download files for Anaplan data integrations. Transactional APIs can query, add, insert, update, or delete list items and records in a more granular manner, without using actions.

Read the datasheet to learn more about how Anaplan APIs can empower model builders to easily respond to requests and speed decision-making.

Read the datasheet