Workforce Capacity Planning and Optimization with Anaplan

What if you could optimize your staffing levels and minimize labor- related costs to meet anticipated levels of demand?

With Anaplan for Workforce Planning – Capacity Planning and Optimization, you can provide your resource planners with the power to shape your staffing levels to manage fluctuations in demand. You’ll deliver a consistent, high-quality customer experience across front-and back-office operations, sales, services, contact centers, IT, and any other segment of your workforce.

Key Benefits

  • Improve planning for your staffing capacity to match your business demand and reduce overstaffing and understaffing.
  • Provide visibility into labor costs and increase transparency and trust in your data and calculations.
  • Evaluate different scenarios and understand the future impact of your staffing decisions.
  • Design forward-looking strategies and plans while aligning with operational targets and budgets.
  • Anticipate change and adapt workforce plans to shifting demand and other external conditions.
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