Annual planning is running out of time: Transitioning to rolling forecasts

Break free of the rigid 12-month planning cycle with in-the-trenches advice from Anaplan’s top executives

The yearly financial planning process is enshrined in tradition. But it’s inflexible, eats up huge amounts of time and resources every Q4, and, as the economic shocks of 2020 have demonstrated, isn’t very good at helping your organization adapt to unexpected changes. In fact, we think annual planning has outlived its usefulness.

Consider trading in the historically dependent, 12-month planning cycle for the forward-looking approach of a rolling forecast. With the right tools, you can draw on all the data in your systems of record to more accurately analyze performance, forecast multiple scenarios, and gain the insight you need to make better decisions, faster—no matter what the future throws at you.

Download this free eBook to see the guidance Anaplan’s top executives—CEO Frank Calderoni, Chief Planning Officer Simon Tucker, and Head of CFO Practice Sara Baxter Orr—offer about why and how to switch from a hardwired calendar-driven process to the agility of rolling forecasts.

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