The ultimate guide to annual sales planning

Poor sales planning can shatter the morale of your sellers and sabotage team performance. From misaligning sales resources with market opportunities to smaller deal sizes and lower win rates—suboptimal sales planning results in discouraged sellers (likely to churn) and missed revenue goals.

For sales leaders, the ability to deliver accurate and timely sales plans is not only an immense achievement—it’s crucial for guiding your sales team down a winning path to success. But how do you get there?

In this guide, you will learn essential steps for successful sales planning, including how to:

  • Get your data in order to prepare a data-first planning strategy
  • Build a sound framework for your sales planning models
  • Model and plan for agility, alignment, and accuracy
  • Establish and adopt a collaborative approach to planning
  • Distribute plans across the organization and secure buy-in

When undertaken in conjunction with smart incentive compensation planning and management, connected sales planning will empower your sales teams to intelligently target and achieve revenue goals.

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