Solution Brief

Tackle your demand planning challenges head-on

Increase forecast accuracy by 25% and gain a 40% jump in planning productivity with Anaplan

In the process of demand planning for your organization, you’re forced to deal with inputs outside of your organization’s control – from customers, competitors, suppliers, and from wider economic, political or environmental shifts. Effective demand planning is key to surviving and thriving in this unsettled environment.

Do you know how changes in demand will ripple through the rest of your organization, and how they will impact your strategic goals and your operational and financial results? Anaplan Demand Planning provides the agility, insights and collaboration you need to plan with confidence for any eventuality.

Key benefits:

  • Effective collaboration across functional teams
  •  In-depth understanding of the demand plan and its drivers
  • Rapid iteration of updates to the demand plan
  • Reduced planning cycle times and effort
  • Integrated financials for visibility into revenue at every level (including product, brand, customer geography)
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