The finance leader’s guide to reliable sales forecasting

Accurate and intelligent planning yields revenue predictability

Are your sales and finance teams aligned for growth? Businesses around the globe face intense pressure and scrutiny around revenue growth. At the same time, functional lines are becoming blurred as organizations align resources behind processes that inform critical decision-making.

Because sales forecasts affect a multitude of financial decisions, a more reliable, accurate forecast is a win-win for finance, sales, and the business.

Read our white paper to find out how to optimize sales forecasting within your organization so you can make the right budgeting and planning decisions. With Anaplan for Sales Forecasting, you can orchestrate performance. You can:

  • Gain instant visibility into sales projections, even as they evolve.
  • Align the sales forecast to both revenue and sales planning efforts—in real time.
  • Leverage scenario modeling to analyze and compare multiple forecasts and potential outcomes.
  • Maintain a more comprehensive view of your sales pipeline and understand the drivers of revenue performance.

Close the gap between how you run your business and how you plan for it.

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