Take control of your demand planning with Statistical Forecasting


Turn historical data into a baseline for insights and accurate planning

There’s an art and a science to demand planning. You provide the art through your expertise and decisiveness. But the science has let you down for too long – getting business information together is time-consuming and can result in blind spots that work against you. You need an easy way to get a statistical forecast derived from underlying trends and seasonality, so your organization can focus on taking the right actions and creating the biggest impact.

Anaplan Statistical Forecasting lets you take control of your demand plans and supply chain. Powered by the Anaplan platform, Statistical Forecasting harnesses powerful analytics to deliver real-time calculations that ensure your organization is both proactive and responsive.

Key Benefits:

  • Develop an immediate forecast baseline
  • Reduce planning cycle time and effort
  • Identify key discussion points
  • Rapidly iterate plan updates
  • Increase process automation
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