Anaplan and Salesforce

Close the gap between your sales strategy and execution

Delivering on ambitious revenue targets is the core accountability for sales leaders like you. And when it comes to reaching corporate goals, the better your plan, the more likely it is that your organization will perform. But planning efforts are highly complex and plans often need to be adapted throughout the year to keep the organization on track.

Salesforce’s market-leading CRM is an essential tool within many organizations, enabling sales, marketing, and other functions to track opportunities and deliver a great customer experience. Salesforce also serves as a key data source for building and adapting revenue strategy, providing crucial input for better decision-making.

The Anaplan platform, when combined with Salesforce, provides deep insights into the drivers of sales performance, enabling sales and operations leaders to build a truly connected revenue strategy. Anaplan for Sales solutions span account segmentation, territories, quotas, sales capacity, incentive programs, KPI tracking, and more.

Discover how you can maximize the value of your CRM investment with Anaplan. Find out how to beat revenue targets with:

  • Scenario and multi-dimensional modeling
  • Predictive intelligence and market insights
  • Real-time collaboration across the enterprise
  • Performance monitoring and trend analysis
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