Achieving real-time agility in demand planning

Navigate demand shocks with machine learning and exception-based planning

Today’s market can shift without warning. Demand planners must be ready to adjust when the moment strikes. Are you ready to take action?  

Linear history-based forecasts are no longer viable in the new world disorder of today’s supply chains. You need demand planning that captures changing demand signals, enables you to assess their impact, and identify opportunities — all in real time.  

Watch our on-demand webinar with experts from Bluecrux and discover how to:  

Watch the webinar and steer clear of stock-outs, excess inventory, and wasted capital with the best demand planning tools to manage your supply chain challenges. Instead of making decisions based on out-of-date, siloed signals, take action at the speed of business. 


Hendrik De Cuyper

Global Head of Sales, Bluecrux

Hendrik has a rich background in Anaplan Supply Chain implementations, excelling as a solution architect, project manager, and process design lead.

Hendrik De Cuyper

Marjolein Cuypers

Director of Anaplan practice, Bluecrux

A passionate supply chain consultant, Marjolein is responsible for defining the strategy, overseeing sales, and successful delivery of all Anaplan projects at Bluecrux.

Marjolein Cuypers

Watch the webinar: Achieving real-time agility in demand planning