Connected Planning with Anaplan

Making the right decisions quickly can be a challenge. This has become even more evident through the disruptions of Covid-19 which are causing organisations to fundamentally rethink how they effectively plan across the organisation in an integrated way. Not only is it more than ever before critical to ensure plans are aligned but also essential that you can quickly assess the impact of different scenarios and more accurately predict future outcomes in uncertain times.

Technology innovation is increasingly enabling Finance to primarily focus on orchestrating companies’ performance in close collaboration with other functions (e.g.: HR, sales, marketing, supply chain). Connected Planning is a better way to accelerate business value. By joining people together with plans and data, you can harness the true power of your business and move forward with speed and agility.

In this Ondemand-webinar you will learn how Anaplan is replacing spreadsheets and other legacy planning systems enabling much more agile, connected, and accurate planning processes which lead to faster and more effective decision making.

We will bring this to life through case studies from selected Anaplan clients which will tell the story of their connected planning journey and how Anaplan has delivered tangible value by enabling transparent cross-functional collaboration on 1 single platform. We will focus primarily on major KPIs impacted and business benefits realised.

This session is intended for CFOs, senior finance professionals and those leading financial and integrated planning processes within organisations.

Watch Connected Planning with Anaplan