Connecting Finance & HR workforce planning at Mazars

We are delighted to announce our latest thought-provoking webinar session from Fidenda.

A key challenge many businesses face is understanding what workforce they will need in the short, medium, and long term to grow. Making sure you have the right capacity and the capability to deliver seamlessly to your clients. Combining this with the ability to adapt and flex quickly to market conditions can cause serious headaches.

Organizations also need to bridge the gap between HR and Finance by creating a connected ecosystem that works in tandem and can draw on planning for your headcount but also feeds into financial forecasting. These functions are typically siloed, but by connecting, businesses can unlock great insight when it comes to planning.

Learn how Anaplan can transform the way that you plan strategically for your workforce whilst connected to finance, which is critical for a growth strategy. With Anaplan you gain a real-time perspective, full visibility, and the ability to create ‘what if’ scenario planning, making sure you have the right skills at the right time in the right place to deliver.

Why Should you attend:

Valuable Insight – Our Head of Business Consulting, Ian Clayborn will be sharing insight into the world of the workforce with insights, trends, and key takeaways to help you consider how to plan your workforce.

Discover more about Anaplan – Learn how real-time forecasting and planning can help you make better decisions.

Inspired by our Clients - Hear firsthand from Janine Fall, Director of Strategic Workforce Planning at Mazars, who will share their challenges, the journey in connecting HR with Finance, and how it’s benefiting their organization.


Janine Fall

Director, Mazars

Mazars is a leading international audit, tax and advisory firm. In the UK Mazars is one of the “tier one” firms who is responsible for auditing public interest entities, as regulated by the FRC. Janine Fall is a Director at Mazars in the UK who leads on workforce planning and has led the implementation of strategic workforce planning at the firm. She also informs the UK and global strategy on workforce planning transformation, including tools and technology, to ensure that we have sufficient capacity and capability of resource to deliver quality to current and future clients. Previously she has worked within the “big four” accounting firms to transform workforce planning particularly at EY for Financial Services.

Janine Fall

Ian Claybourn

Head of Business Consulting, Fidenda

Fidenda are a leading Anaplan consulting partner. Our solutions ensure customers can trust the decisions they make by transforming their planning and analytics processes. Ian Claybourn is the Head of Business Consulting at Fidenda. He supports our clients throughout their Anaplan journey providing advice to help meet their performance and planning goals. Ian is an experienced consultant with over 20 years delivering IT transformation, with a focus on Enterprise Performance Management, Data, Analytics and Automation. Ian joined Fidenda at the start of this year, has a “big-4” consulting background where he helped clients navigate the practical challenges of harnessing technology to provide insight and transformation.

Ian Claybourn

Watch the Webcast: Connecting Finance & HR workforce planning at Mazars