Data-informed insight for the Build to Rent sector

Plan, prioritise and make informed decisions using Anaplan for Real Estate

The Build to Rent sector is growing rapidly. With increasing numbers of developers and operators entering the market, greater competition for sites requires industry leaders like you to make quicker and better-informed decisions. 

In a world where time is money, successful operational processes and technology can be your greatest allies. Imagine having real-time data at your fingertips, offering insights into construction and operational costs, occupancy rates, and rental income. This level of information empowers you to manage budgets with precision and forecast revenue effectively, giving you a more accurate view of your returns.


Neil Elliott

Executive Director, Real Assets, Lionpoint Group

Neil is an expert in private equity and real estate accounting, processes and systems with over 25 years of experience in the financial services sector. He specializes in helping clients define and implement operating models to enhance transparency and reporting while optimizing efficiencies and managing risk.

Neil Elliot

Joe Corlett

Associate Director, EPM Real Estate Practice, Lionpoint Group

Joe is a Real Estate financial modelling professional, with over 6 years delivering Anaplan solutions across the Real Estate industry. Leveraging his experience across multiple asset classes and client use cases, Joe has helped establish Lionpoint’s leading best practice in implementing Anaplan for Commercial & Residential Real Estate.

Joe Corlett

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