The Digital Twin: Supply chain planning revolutionized

What if you could have real-time supply chain operations and data? Supply chain planners have historically focused on using the past to predict the future. Advancements in technology and process have helped reduce planning cycle times and introduced more accurate near-term information into plans.

Supply Chain Digital Twin technology transforms the planning landscape with real-time supply chain operations and data, communicated globally and instantaneously for optimized planning analysis and decision support. Combined with machine learning (ML) and workflow automation, Supply Chain Digital Twin has the potential to revolutionize the role that planning plays across the enterprise.

Join Anaplan and Google Cloud to learn more about these game-changing benefits. In the session, we cover:

  • An overview of primary use cases, such as supply chain control towers and demand sensing and forecasting powered by AI/ML, and how they can benefit your supply chain planning.
  • The challenges of massive execution data and how to quickly convert that data into planning decision support.
  • A product demo of Supply Chain Digital Twin
Watch the webinar