Enabling HR to deliver workforce agility and drive business impact

Place intelligent bets on the future of work

What if HR could architect business performance? The ability to attract and retain qualified talent remains a top concern for most business leaders and executives. These challenges have been compounded by the pandemic, causing shifts in the workplace, people moving between and out of jobs, and rising salaries and wages.

Talent continues to be one of the biggest risks and costs to many organizations today, with all eyes on HR to effectively utilize data to ensure the workforce aligns with objectives for business growth and success. HR and workforce planning must become dynamic, continuous, and an extension of strategic, operational, and financial plans.

Watch this on-demand webinar to discover the best way to eliminate siloed planning and foster real-time collaboration across your business functions. Anaplan Vice President, HR Practice Rupert Bader hosts an expert panel to discuss how you can:

  • Save time and costs by eliminating cumbersome spreadsheets.
  • Bring transparency to your workforce and manage key metrics for talent costs.
  • Create a comprehensive, up-to-date digital model of your organization to streamline workforce planning and increase business impact and resilience.
  • Drive engagement and collaboration on talent and budget decisions that are aligned with business strategy and priorities.


Watch the on-demand webinar