Financial planning for insurance companies during uncertain times

Today’s economic volatility reverberates through industry metrics and company financials. Considering a volatile baseline and heightened uncertainty around future expectations, our speakers will discuss strategies that insurers can use to create a more effective plan and more sustainable, shock-proof planning process.

Join the webinar and:

  • Learn from Deloitte subject-matter experts about planning strategies such as adopting a probabilistic, range-based planning mentality, strong scenario analysis through driver-based logic, and rolling monthly forecasts. Additional content related to this can be found in Deloitte’s Financial planning for insurance companies during COVID-19 piece.
  • Hear how finance leaders from New York Life, Unum, and Liberty Mutual are adapting to the current environment and how they leverage technology to navigate the changing environment.
  • Discover how a Connected Planning platform helps insurers drive forward-looking plans and reporting through a demonstration of the Deloitte predictive modeling and forecasting solution.
Watch the on-demand webinar