Moving toward integrated, continuous workforce planning

Do you have the right strategies, processes, and systems in place to help you mitigate workforce risks in your ever-changing business environment?

The ripple effects of reacting poorly to change can be far-reaching and irreversible in our fast-paced, volatile business world. Playing it by ear is no longer an option. As a senior HR, finance, operations, or business leader, it’s critical that you can respond promptly and effectively to shifting market and competitive conditions.

You must continuously balance your resources against your business demands. Your ability to connect across functions and plan for alternative scenarios quickly and efficiently builds business and workforce agility. This agility will make it easier for you to navigate through the turmoil.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear from our guest speaker, Betsy Summers, principal analyst on the Future of Work team at Forrester. Betsy specializes in human capital management, and she’ll discuss the prerogative to transform your workforce planning process.

Discover how you can transform your workforce planning from a one-time event for only a few people focused on budgets or an academic exercise. In this discussion, you’ll find out how to establish a continuous process that’s transparent across management layers and infused with people data.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

Watch the on-demand webinar


Betsy Summers

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Betsy Summers is a principal analyst on Forrester’s Future of Work team, specializing in human capital management (HCM). She has a wide range of HCM experience, including research, strategy, design, and delivery. She’s been both a practitioner and a strategic partner to heads of HR, talent, and learning. At Forrester, she partners with leaders in employee experience, talent management, HR, and IT. She helps them connect talent strategy to business outcomes and ultimately to vendor and technology selection. Her marketing and strategy roles at provider organizations gave Betsy a perspective that allows her to help clients get value from their technology investments.

Betsy Summers - Forrester

Kouros Behzad

Product Marketing Director, Anaplan

Kouros Behzad is the Director of Product Marketing for Anaplan’s HR and workforce planning solutions, where he puts a spotlight on the critical value of workforce planning in driving business and financial results. He brings more than 20 years of experience in the enterprise software industry focused on the intersection of people, business, and technology.

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