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Anaplan Higher Education Webinar Series

Over the past three years, Anaplan has seen incredible growth in its adoption for all types of planning and budgeting within colleges, universities, and even full systems. More and more institutions are placing their confidence in our platform, our approach, and in our partners. It’s this unique combination that has resulted in such rapid acceptance across all segments.

We’re continuing to add to this library of customer stories told in their own voices that can be leveraged by and benefit the wider higher education community. This is a drastic and needed departure from how this important market has traditionally been served and speaks to the extremely wide range of ways that institutions continue to benefit from Anaplan.

Improving Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting at Saint Joseph’s University

Saint Joseph’s University embarked on its Connected Planning journey to replace the static spreadsheets used in their distributed budgeting and planning processes with a cloud-based platform that integrates with its Banner Enterprise System and facilitates multiple real-time scenario modeling, reduces administrative inefficiencies while increasing transparency, and increases stakeholder accountability and engagement. Join this webinar to learn how you can help your institution improve your planning, budgeting, and forecasting process to drive better and faster data-driven decision-making.

Transforming Budgeting and Planning at Northern Arizona University

Many higher education institutions are experiencing budgetary challenges with expenses increasing, and revenue shortfalls due to reduction in enrollment and state appropriations, while there is political and economic pressure to keep the tuition rate steady. As a result, institutions need to optimize resource allocation in order to be financially sustainable and meet the long-term strategic objectives. Northern Arizona University embarked on its Connected Planning Journey to enhance the transparency, accuracy, and efficiency of its budgeting and planning process to help drive better and faster decisions. Watch this webcast to learn how you can help your institution transform its budgeting and planning process by connecting people, data, and plans.

Elevating resource allocation and management at the University of Nevada, Reno

The higher education industry is going through unprecedented challenges with uncertainly and disruptions to its business model. Institutions need to have better data, systems, and processes to support agile planning and improve data-driven decision-making. The University of Nevada, Reno embarked on its Connected Planning journey to overhaul the university’s existing budget process to improve resource allocation, increase stakeholder engagement, and enhance administrative efficiency. Join this webinar to learn how your university can elevate its own resource allocation and management process.

Future-proofing your University: Integrated tuition modeling and long-range planning at University of Dayton

The higher education industry is going through changes, with the next decade set to bring unprecedented challenges. Universities and colleges will face financial and enrollment challenges, reduced government funding, and the uncertainty of legislative relief, while facing the sociodemographic and economic obstacles of educating students. These circumstances require institutions to better leverage data to develop operational plans and long-term institutional strategies. Join this webinar to learn how you can help your institution make better and faster decisions to help guide long-term fiscal sustainability.

Integrated responsibility center management financial modeling at Tulane University

Today’s higher education institutions are faced with uncertainty, needing to optimize resource allocation and make better and faster decisions. Tulane University embarked on its Connected Planning journey to help the school ensure financial sustainability through robust scenario analysis and modeling on an integrated financial RCM model framework. Join this webinar to learn how your institution can build a world-class budgeting and planning system to stay ahead of the curve.

Aligning strategy and resource allocation at NYU

In today’s business environment, volatility is becoming the norm and not even universities are exempt from this new reality. New York University wanted to evaluate the financial impact of changing business variables so they could mitigate risk and uncertainty while executing against their operational plans. Join this webinar to learn how your institution can stay agile and adjust planning based on any changes to strategy or market conditions.

Strategic modeling and analysis at Montgomery County Community College

Higher education institutions seek to better leverage data and tools to support decision-making in the face of great uncertainty. By leveraging a long-range planning tool, institutions gain the capability to plan proactively and strategically—beyond the annual budget—to help senior leadership execute its strategic plan and guide long-term fiscal sustainability. Montgomery County Community College (MC3) needed a five-year strategic outlook, projecting their pro forma financial statements and key metrics and enabling the college to evaluate strategic options. Join this webinar to learn how your institution can improve strategic decision-making through pro forma financial modeling and scenario analysis.