Navigating supply-and-demand challenges with merchandise financial planning

Reinvent your MFP to meet customer needs head on

“The right product, in the right place at the right time, with the right quantity, at the right price” — easier said than done. And recent consumer trends and economic developments make this task more challenging than ever.

Watch our webinar to get insights into how leading retailers have reinvented merchandise financial planning (MFP) to build compelling assortments, buy the appropriate products, and get them in front of their customers.


Lauren Byrne

Senior Manager, Retail Strategy, Accenture

Lauren co-leads Accenture's Merchandising Excellence team for Retail Strategy across Europe.

She has led several projects focusing on Merchandising, Business Operating Models and Supply Chain Excellence, with a focus on planning and inventory optimisation.

Lauren Byrne

Verena Bode

Manager, Retail Strategy, Accenture

Verena has extensive expertise in business strategy and transformation along the entire value chain. Her focus is on optimization and implementation of target operating models in merchandising, assortment planning, and end-to-end planning.

She oversees the selection and implementation of several supporting IT systems, most recently leading the functional design on an Anaplan MFP implementation project.

Verena Bode

Watch the webinar: Navigating supply-and-demand challenges with merchandise financial planning