Zero-based budgeting with Accenture and Anaplan

Today’s new normal necessitates a planning and forecasting process that is built from the ground up. The past is not an accurate predictor of the future, and organizations need to plan and build budgets that are justified for each new period, based on focus areas and activities. This rigorous, repeatable cost management process is called zero-based budgeting (ZBB). A ZBB approach can help organizations rethink cost structures, reshape resource allocations, and build the resiliency required to thrive in a volatile environment.

Join ZBB and finance performance experts from Accenture and Anaplan to learn the steps organizations should take to ensure that cost savings are sustainable and positively impact the bottom line.
There will be a live demo to show how Anaplan’s agile and collaborative platform is ideally suited to meet the demands of zero-based budgeting head-on.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • About the zero-based budgeting approach and how it can help organizations to thrive in a volatile environment.
  • How to use the Anaplan platform to plan and build a budget from the ground up, with little or no consideration of the past.
  • The levers to unlock unprecedented levels of productivity, flexibility, and engagement in your organization.
Watch the On-demand webinar