Gear up for the next era of business planning for auto suppliers

Move over traditional S&OP

Traditional planning doesn’t account for uncertainty, encourage collaboration, or allow for rapid adjustments in response to changing conditions. Integrated Business Planning (IBP) for automotive suppliers connects your operational and financial data and plans to enable faster decision-making and unlock new growth opportunities even as the automotive market evolves.

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Drive business excellence with IBP

IBP for automotive suppliers links operations and finance for real-time visibility from planning through execution. Unlock insights to inform cost and capital investments, spark innovation of competitive, cutting-edge technology and empower decision-making across the business.

Pave new pathways for growth

Model the P&L impact of key pricing decisions and costs that have a direct impact on revenue opportunities and expansion. With accurate demand planning and greater predictability, you can adapt and diversify your product portfolio to the changing and competitive automotive landscape.

See through supply chain volatility

Connect data from across your parts manufacturing business to maintain accurate inventory visibility, avoid costly delays in procurement, and streamline production processes to identify savings through every step of the supply chain.

Maximize your working capital

Stop letting excess inventory and capacity constraints place extra pressure on your bottom line. With dynamic inventory optimization, be confident you can satisfy current orders and future demand, while freeing up working capital to focus on efforts that drive revenue growth.

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Analyst Research

Market experts weigh in on why automotive leaders view Integrated Business Planning as an approach that drives value for automotive suppliers.

Why do the top automotive suppy chain leaders plan with Anaplan?

Learn from the challenges and achievements of innovative companies who are shaping the future of the automotive value chain through continuous, aligned business planning.

Frustrated by lost revenue and supply chain uncertainty?

Say goodbye to traditional, siloed planning and embrace a new, agile, precise, and collaborative approach to business planning.